Supporting the advancement of women in STEM

by transforming them into authentic visionary leaders and creating corporate environments where women love to work.


STEM Leadership Collective

Corporate Clients 



We take a holistic coaching approach by leveraging focused behavior change, absolute candor and emotional intelligence to support professional development.


Empowering women in STEM to develop a clear and purposeful vision of the leaders that they want to become to articulate the values of an organization so that people can come together and elevate each other therefore elevating company performance.


Individual one-on-one leadership coaching to create visionary leaders able to inspire a shared vision within an organization.

Would I benefit from STEM Leadership Collective?

Do any of these statements resonate with you...

  • I want to be the best possible leader that I can be, but I recognize that there are gaps between who I am today and who I want to be in the future.​

  • I want to be in a position to drive innovation in my industry but have not been able to do that in my current position.​

  • I want to foster a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion one conversation,  goal, and policy at a time to build a workplace community for women.

  • I want to create a healthy culture where employees come together to help each other and work better as a group.​

  • I want to develop and understand my unique leadership style and improve my negotiation skills to take the next step in my career.

  • I plan to be an effective communicator and provide continuous feedback to my team and my peers, but I need the experience to be comfortable. 

  • I believe that culture is as important as strategy for my company's success.​

  • I want to develop a clear career path and set specific goals to help me achieve those results.


With over 20 years in technology and 15 years in executive leadership roles, Stephanie has the unique insight to mentor women in STEM from a place of experience.  She has overcome the specific difficulties and hurdles of advancing in organizations that generally have over 85% of men in the leadership roles.  Stephanie has spent her career mentoring women in STEM to advance their careers. To find out more about how the STEM Leadership Collective can support you in becoming a visionary leader contact Stephanie today.  

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