3 Daily Steps to be a Strong Leader

You may not think of yourself as a Leader, but you should!!

If you are a friend, parent, business owner or a team member then you ARE ALREADY A LEADER!

I bet there are qualities of leadership you are already using on a day to day basis without realizing it!

Be mindful and work on these three skills to make you an even stronger leader.

Take Initiative: · Be ready to plan and execute on your ideas. · Teach others to get things done and take responsibility. · Finish what you start and find ways to do more.

Be Innovative: · Be bold! Reinvent common practices and come up with a fresh and new approach. · Explore new territory and ideas. · Step out of your box and do something differently (remember that you can do it!!).

Be A Strategic Thinker: · Think about the future – Clarify your vision and set long term goals. · Be creative and take a risk. · Focus on solving problems and how you can add value.

Remember being a leader is not about having a certain job title- it’s about the way that you conduct your whole life every single day.

Tell me 3 ways that you use these skills at work and at home?

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