Global Women Supply Chain Leaders 2020 | Day 2 - Keynote

Why is it still so hard for women to advance into executive leadership and what are the practical solutions make clear that the tie for women in leadership is now? Join the Keynote Speech - Women in Leadership: Our Time is Now, to find out.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Stephanie Holt has a broad perspective comes from over 30 years of work experience both in the US and internationally. Previously holding executive leadership positions in public and private technology companies for over 15 years, Stephanie understands the complexity, challenges, and rewards of working in both large multinational companies and in financial/technology start-up environments. Her focus has always been on driving business outcomes and creating places where people love to work.

Currently Stephanie works to transform women into visionary leaders who are confidently self-aware of their own power and potential to develop purposeful visions of the leaders they want to become and to make workplaces safe and welcoming for all.

Watch the full Keynote speech at:

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