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Stephanie Holt - Diversity In Leadership & Inclusive Workplaces For All

It’s another week, which means another conversation with a cool somebody, caring enough about humanity to lend themselves to help make it better. This week we talk about making workplaces safe and more welcoming for all people, and specifically how getting more women into leadership positions can accomplish just that.

For this episode I had the absolute joy of speaking with Stephanie Holt, who worked for more than 30 years in both the us and internationally. For more than half of that time, she held executive leadership positions in both public and private sector technology companies. Her name is Stephanie Holt. And her experience runs the gamut from multinational corporate settings to start up environments.

And what I find so fascinating about Stephanie is that her focus has been on the intersection of business outcomes and creating places where people love to work. Currently Stephanie works to both transform more women into visionary leaders and make the workplace safe and welcoming for all. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience navigating rooms full of powerful folks.

Listen in as Stephanie shares her plan of for leveraging that experience to help create a more diverse and inclusive lot in leadership for STEM and beyond.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

  • Meet Stephanie

  • Being an authentic voice on LinkedIn

  • Stephanie’s experience with in STEM

  • Mindset

  • Pitfalls for people who care, according to Stephanie

  • Stephanie’s influences

  • Stephanie’s advice to people who care a lot

  • Being who you are and running with your strengths

Key Milestones of the Episode:

[03:27] Meet Stephanie Holt: leadership background in Technology

[04:20] Getting more women in leadership roles

[06:55] The role of men in an inclusive workplace

[8:30] An authentic voice on LinkedIn

[12:59] The Year of Stephanie

[14:40] “Put it on Facebook”

[17:00] Learning on LinkedIn

[18:3] Pronouns

[24:22] More women in STEM and the workplace, in general

[26:05] It’s not one size fits all

[28:04] Complimentary and team-building skills

[31:30] Coaching and mentoring

[35:18] A mindset of gratitude

[36:32] Thinking about your legacy

[39:20] Women in executive leadership is like a game of musical chairs

[40:40] Telling relatable stories

[42:58] Transferable skills: Experience doesn’t just come from the work you get paid for

[48:26] People who have influenced Stephanie

[50:31] Stephanie’s advice

[56:17] Standing for STEM organization: virtual internships

Listen to the episode here:

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